Coping with suicide

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to talk to many desperate people who thought their problems were so monumental that they considered ending their life. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Most of the time, personal problems can be dealt with in a healthier way. There is no need to end it all! People who feel helpless and hopeless do not always utilize the best judgement, especially when they are agitated.

If you ever find yourself in such a desperate state, get yourself to a helping person fast. Or, if you know someone who is suicidal, get them help as well. This is why I included a chapter in my book,"When to seek professional help.

" Most people can be saved from self-destruction by professional counseling. Let me share with you some case studies of people who turned their lives around, after a suicide attempt. (Their names have been changed, to protect their real identities) Sam was diagnosed with AIDS and had only a few months left to live. As a result, Sam felt like ending his life. His doctor asked me to talk to him.

After hearing Sam's story of despair, I assured him, "You're very much alive now." I told him that there are new medications coming out all the time and that it was difficult to determine exactly how much time he had left. He agreed to come back for counseling and focus on some short term goals. Sam's condition became worse and he died in two years.

However, Sam made the most of the time that he had left. Carolyn attempted suicide by taking an overdose of medicine. Evidently, she was depressed after her boyfriend broke up with her.

They had planned to get married, and even sent out wedding invitations. Carolyn had also purchased a beautiful wedding gown. In counseling, Carolyn realized that her fiance was not a person she could depend on.

A year later, she fell in love and got married to someone else. Finally, she was able to wear the beautiful wedding dress that she had stashed away. Plus, Carolyn was happier now than she ever imagined she could be.

Carlos, a 29-year-old policeman, passed out in garage. He was sitting behind the wheel, intoxicated, with the motor running. His wife had left him because of his alcoholism. In counseling, Carlos was stubborn and refused to cooperate. Eventually, Carlos realized he would permanently be divorced from his children if he did not make some changes in his life.

Carlos went to rehab. Today, life is better for him and he spends his spare time helping alcoholics. Stuart was facing a jail sentence for stealing from his company.

At the sentencing, Stuart was ashamed and felt like life was no longer worth living. He changed his attitude in counseling, however. Stuart realized his sentence would be short and all was not lost. He could eventually start over, and have his freedom back.

Martha desperately wanted a baby, but was struggling to conceive. When the doctor told Martha that she was infertile, she was afraid that her husband would leave her. In a moment of panic, Martha tried to commit suicide. Martha's husband was supportive, and suggested they adopt a child. In counseling, Martha stopped seeing herself as a victim, and found a way to be happy again.

In counseling, all of these people ere able to work through their problems. Regrettably, many people in similiar situations assume there is no other way out, and take their own lives. Suicide statistics are high for doctors, dentists, police officers, adolescents, college students, and others. If you ever find yourself desperate, remember the best thing to do is to get help. Call a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, your preacher, or a friend.

Do not think harming yourself in any way. Life is too precious to cut it short.

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