CoEd Baby Shower Parties a the Wave of the Future

There are times in the past where having a baby shower meant that it was a hidden and secret ritual that was only enjoyed by women who were expecting and their close girlfriends. No one ever knew what they did there or what exactly went on at these affairs. Their locations were a well guarded secret and no man would ever dare to ask let alone attend one of these for fear of persecution from his peers. Times have changed and this isn't the case any longer. Baby showers have become open affairs with everyone now allowed to attend.

It isn't just allowed it is encouraged. In previous years women wouldn't even invite their husbands or boyfriends or let alone tell them exactly what they were doing. Now day's women openly invite their husbands and boyfriends. In these times it doesn't matter if you're a man or not as long as you come with gifts in hand then you are welcome. Some of you out there, mainly men are wondering if you went to a baby shower what should I do there? This in a way is an odd question because when men go out to a new place such as a bar or a restaurant and this place is filled with new and interesting people that they don't know this very question doesn't run through their minds. It is a natural instinct that they would enjoy themselves and socialize with these new people.

But when it comes to a baby shower men get cold feet so to speak and wonder what their roles should be in this new situation. In a way this behavior is understandable because as I said earlier, this is a new environment for men and they aren't used to being invited let alone attending such an event. So you ask what your role should be. You have many options and some of them the mother to be will greatly appreciate.

You can be helpful and assist in any way that you can. Help serve the food, put up the decorations, or even assist with the baby games. The sky's the limit as to what you can do. As an educated man there are many things you can do to help. If you don't really feel like being helpful then your basic instinct of being social will suffice just fine. Make yourself approachable by anyone new who doesn't know you.

Talk openly and with a great tone to anyone you speak with. It presents a great person and makes people want to flock to you even more. As you can see it isn't too bad at all to be a man at a baby shower.

There are many things you can do and lots of ways to enjoy yourself so just have fun!.

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