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Although both cloth diapers and disposable diapers have their takers, the truth is that modern cloth diapers are as hygienic and as easy to use as disposable diapers. Modern cloth diapers come equipped with state of the art man made materials such as microfiber toweling (for absorbency), or polyurethane laminate also known as PUL (for a waterproof layer). In addition, cloth diapers are far more cost effective when compared to disposable diapers. To better understand the variety of cloth diapers available and which diaper is right for your infant, it is important to understand the differences between a disposable diaper and a cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are usually a composite of more than one manmade materials and are designed for single use, since the diapers are not designed for repeat use they are not made to 'last'.

Recent studies have also shown that the production of disposable diapers consumes more energy and disposable diapers have a greater environmental impact when compared to cloth diapers. A modern day disposable diaper is usually constructed using multiple layers of materials. Compared to disposable diapers, cloth diapers are a combination of natural fibers and manmade materials.

Cloth diapers are usually made using natural cotton fibers (mostly pesticide free) the inner lining of cloth diapers are use polyester 'stay dry' lining to provide greater comfort. Cloth diapers usually have elastic waist bands that make them flexible and comfortable as compared to Velcro (which is used in disposable diapers). A cloth diaper can also be adjusted to accommodate a baby's growth. Contrary to popular belief, cloth diapers do not require any special washing care, once the solid matter has been washed away; cold water and detergent usually kill any bacteria. Line drying a cloth diaper takes care of any remaining bacteria (which are killed once they are exposed to the sun's UV rays). "Pocket" or "stuffable" diapers which consist of a water-resistant outer shell sewn with an opening in the back (for insertion of absorbent material) are also becoming increasingly popular.

It is believed that a child goes through an average of 6800 diapers changes; this would make cloth diapers far more economical when compared to a disposable diaper. On an average a family spends nearly $80 per month on disposable diapers, the cost of buying cloth diapers and laundering them at home is nearly half. Disposable diapers take a considerably longer time to decompose when compared to cloth diapers. It is important to note that nearly 200,000 trees are felled to make disposable diapers for American babies alone. Washing away excreta and urine are also one of the simplest and environmentally friendly ways of treating wastes.

Dumping treated wastewater is much more environmentally friendly than dumping diapers in a land fill. As mentioned earlier, modern cloth diapers come equipped with a disposable flush lining, all a parent has to do is remove the flush lining and flush it down the toilet. In essence, disposable diapers are no longer more convenient to use when compared to cloth diapers. Dealing with diaper rashes Nearly 60% of all children experience diaper rashes during their first month.

Recent studies have shown that disposable diapers are no less likely to cause diaper rashes when compared to cloth diapers. If your baby develops diaper rashes you should try changing diaper brands or use a diaper that is made from a different material. It is important to understand that a diaper alone is not responsible for diaper rashes, a cloth diaper should be properly cleaned before being used and children sometimes develop detergent allergies if the diapers are not properly washed.

Disposable diapers too use numerous chemicals and materials. The best way to prevent rashes is to change diapers regularly and making sure the diaper is dry at all times. For more info on cloth diapers visit www.

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