Choosing The Right Name For Your Baby

As new parents, choosing your baby's name is probably one of the most important decisions you'll have to make for your little bundle of joy. It will be the first gift you'll ever give your baby and seeing as they will be using that name for the rest of their lives, you should choose carefully. Choosing the right name for your baby can actually be fun.

It's good to sit down and really think about the possibilities. There are lots of resources out there that can help you out. Baby name books are helpful in a way because you can get lots of ideas from them. Then you could mix them up or tweak them according to your preferences. Some of you may have traditions in your families, where babies are named after the father, grandmother, aunt, or some other family member. It's also an ongoing trend that babies are named after prominent people, like actors, singers, writers, or perhaps pop stars just because they're popular and widely known names.

Before you name your baby after another person, you should first consider its implications. You should also think about the pressure or expectations that your child may face, when he or she grows up, if named after a certain person. Your child may find himself forced to live up to the person you named him after.

Avoid embarrassing names or acronyms that might be the cause of jokes and ridicule for your baby one day. Some parents make the mistake of giving multiple names with initials that spell out something embarrassing, like RAT, UFO, or some other ridiculous acronym. This can be avoided by writing out the names in their possible variations. You should also avoid names that can be turned into obvious nicknames or can be associated with certain things that are not so pleasant.

If you really can't decide on a good name on your own, enlist the help of friends or family. You can ask for advice or suggestions, but ultimately, you're the one who will decide, and you should always remember what to avoid. If you want a certain naming style for your children, like their names might all end or start with the same letter, or perhaps similar associations. For example, you named your first baby, Angela. Then you want to name your second baby, Angelo.

The third, Angeli. See the pattern? Recognize patterns and decide if you want to continue them or not. Take into consideration that the name of your baby doesn't just stay on the birth certificate. They will use it everywhere, in school, at work, when meeting other people. their name will identify them. If you are able to choose a beautiful name, your baby will thank you one day when he or she grows up.

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