Change Your Life One Minute At A Time

If you are serious about making a change in your life you don't have to make some drastic 180 degree shift in your life and turn your life upside down. Think of all those new year resolutions you have made at the beginning of the year and how motivated you were to go out and get started on them straight away. You joined the gym and when previously the word gym and exercise was walking from your front door to your car you now exercise at the gym 5 days a week and overhaul your diet as well. How often we find that after a few weeks we start to lose momentum and before you know it our new year resolutions is in the scrap heap and just a past memory.

The reason overhauling your life just isn't sustainable in the long term is that it produces too much shock to your lifestyle and often times it impacts on your lifestyle so suddenly and drastically that it is difficult to maintain in the long run. Instead you need to think of making 1 degree shifts in your life. If you were to start at point A and make 1 degree shifts to the left each day, in the beginning the 1 degree shifts is so small that you don't even notice it.

It has little impact to your lifestyle but over time with those 1 degree shifts starting to compound on each other you will stop and realize that you now going on a whole new path. That is the idea behind making changes in your life one minute at a time or one day at a time. Don't try to make huge overhauls in your life but instead make one or two changes each day to get you closer to where you want to go. If you can make one consistent positive change each day then that's 365 changes per year. What if you decided today to create a new habit of reading.

Start by reading 15mins every morning maybe. That 15mins each day will equate to maybe a half a dozen books per year, think of the extra knowledge that you will have. Of course when I say reading it is of course non fiction, no junk. But we all have 15 mins to spare each day, even if you have to do it while sitting in the toilet during your morning routine. You get the picture. Once you start approaching changes in your life this way you will give yourself more time to get accustomed to it and a better chance for it to become habit and therefore apart of your life.

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