Bitterness or Love The Choice is Yours

I remember a conversation I had with a friend named Jerry. He told me once about how he was starting a new business to help fund missionaries and their work around the world. When given the opportunity to invest in his business, I jumped at the chance.

However, it didn't take me long to realize that my generous loan to Jerry was a mistake. I did not obtain a loan agreement and now Jerry had filed bankruptcy. It left me distressed, in debt, and discontent. The Dream Some time later I had a dream: I was driving on the road in front of my old elementary school. When I pulled up to the four-way stop at the corner, I instinctively looked to my left.

Fear gripped me as I saw a huge tornado approaching, and I quickly formulated a plan of escape. A few years before, I had literally experienced the effects of a tornado and knew firsthand that they generally move in straight paths. In my dream I thought, If I can move forward very quickly, I'll miss the path of this storm. It'll sweep behind me and I'll be safe.

I moved forward to the next intersection, looked to my left, and saw nothing. Just to be sure, I raced to the next intersection and looked again. Nothing. Wow, God, what was that all about? I asked when I woke up.

He showed me that a fierce, dark, and powerful storm did exist out there and that it had the power to destroy me. But as I continued to move forward in the things of God by choosing His ways, there would be no evidence of the existence of that thing-that storm-in my life. That's a satisfying answer, I thought.

But Lord, I asked, why was I in front of my old elementary school in the dream? Because, He answered, this lesson is very elementary! A Lesson In Love An elementary part of our genetic makeup from our heavenly Father is a love nature. We are to walk in love in every situation-yes, even those situations when you are offended and taken advantage of by a friend. Yet sometimes I feel like I am only hobbling in love. So many times I offered God wonderful ways by which He could wring that money out of Jerry! But you shouldn't be surprised to know that God never tried any of them. God's ways are higher than our ways.

Taking the high road is not always easy but the dividends pay well. Eventually, all the money I lost (and more) had been restored-but not through Jerry. Choosing another way, The Lord just wanted me to know I could trust Him to restore what I lost.even if Jerry refused to personally pay me back. Don't Let Bitterness Win The choices of life and death and blessing and cursing present themselves to us time and again.

My situation with Jerry brought a portion of death in my life. I had an opportunity to choose more death by staying angry and bitter, but God's grace was there for me to choose life. As a result, my life is moving forward in God today. Unfortunate circumstances may come into a person's life.

It's true: we don't have any control over circumstance, but we can control our reactions to them. Therefore, be encouraged-choose life so you can keep moving forward in the good things that God has for you. Walking in love and victory is the only way to live!.

Sandra Hughes is an ordained minister, compelling speaker, and Director of All Nations School of Ministry located in Houston, Texas. She has served as Director of The Family Life Institute for Biblical Studies at Lakewood Church. Visit

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