Beyond the Apple Great Teacher Gifts

If you have kids as I do, every year I end up raking my brain for a great gift for their teachers. I'm always wondering what we can get that he or she will appreciate that still fits my budget. My kids' teachers are no different than me. They are trying their best to balance the demands of their job with their home life.

If I'm going to show my appreciation for all their hard work with my children what would be better than to acknowledge that I realize they are working hard? So, why not give gifts that will make the teachers' lives a bit easier? There are gift certificates to restaurants (who wouldn't like that!). There are even businesses in most cities that prepare fresh meals to keep in the freezer. And the gift of a house cleaning service would be a great idea. One woman in our group gave her daughter's kindergarten teacher a gift certificate to get her car detailed. This particular teacher has three young boys that are in lots of sports and activities.

Needless to say, that teacher was thrilled to get this gift! If you aren't the type to buy a gift certificate or not sure if they really want a house cleaning service then think about the teachers' lives going to and from work. Most teachers don't want to carry a briefcase but maybe a monogrammed tote bag would be perfect for their needs. If a bag is too big then think small and technical. I'm talking about a gift of electronics or at least some accessory. Cases for their ipod or cell phone can be invaluable.

But maybe you don't know if they carry those things or what type of cell phone they have. Consider some other modestly priced item for the classroom that if a teacher wanted they'd have to pay for themselves. School budgets are so very tight these days. When you are busy juggling the demands of home and a job, stress can quickly build up. I know I'm always looking for a quiet moment to relax personally. Your child's teacher is no different.

What about a spa gift certificate? A massage or make up make over might be something that really makes them smile (not to mention relax). Of course there are some other options that fit smaller budgets such as home kits that do the same thing. A relaxing mask or soothingly scented bath salts are great ideas. Remember just how important your children's teachers are in their ongoing happiness and development and you'll soon start thinking beyond the apple when you plan their next gift.

Jonell works for as an accountant and juggles a career with raising her two lovely daughters. Jonell values personal gifts whether that's a spa gift or something specific like a tote bag

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