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Now that 2006 is drawing to a close, it is time to review and reflect on what has been achieved. It is also an ideal time to start preparing for 2007 so that it can be the best year of your life so far. After all, success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent preparation and perspiration. As part of preparing to move forward into 2007, it is worthwhile to conduct your own 'year in review' looking at both the highs and lows that you have experienced in all aspects of your life. To help with this, here are some questions you may want to reflect on: Did you accomplish your goals for 2006? If not, what held you back from accomplishing them? Do you have balance in your life? If not, what are you focusing too much time on? What do you need to focus more time on? Are you really doing and being what you love? To ensure that you don't repeat 2006 in 2007, you will need to change the way that you do some things.

To keep doing the same things will only produce the same results. It is very important that you learn from your past experiences so that you do not keep on making the same mistakes or having the same experiences that you are dissatisfied with. It is also helpful to reflect on how you have gained your most enjoyable moments as this is certainly something you will want to repeat and enhance.

So, as preparation for 2007, you may want to reflect on these questions: What lessons have you learned from 2006? What can you do differently in 2007 so that you can improve your results? Where do you want to be at the end of 2007 in all areas of your life? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to achieve your vision/goals for the year? These last two questions will have you thinking about your vision for yourself for the year. I strongly recommend that you consider all areas of your life as part of your reflecting. Consider your personal interests including your important relationships, your business interests and your contribution to your customers and the community, your family life and what provides support and commitment, and your spiritual needs and well being. Most people find that they need to have goals with deadlines to ensure that they work towards achieving the vision they have for their future. You will need to spend some time considering how you will achieve your vision for 2007.

This will then enable you to set the goals you need to achieve that will lead to the achievement of your vision. Often I have found insight through asking myself some simple questions. Two favourites of mine are: Why am I doing this activity this way? and How can I improve on this? I would encourage you to ask yourself similar questions as you go through this process. You may well be pleasantly surprised with the results that you get from what you learn. As you move forward into 2007, resolve to take persistent action towards your goals and vision. Also, allow yourself to learn as you go and give yourself the flexibility to change.

Sometimes goals need to be modified if you are to obtain the results you desire. Take time to study and learn about what is required to be successful. Observe successful people and learn from them.

Practice being a student and try to absorb all that you can with an open mind. In the process, become a master through sharing your knowledge of success with others. Learning to give back with gratitude is a fundamental aspect of achievement. Ensure that you have sources of nourishment and inspiration. There will be times when your motivation and spirits sag, and you will need to call on these sources to help you through these times as you journey towards your vision of accomplishment for the year.

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