Are you in a Synchronistic Flow and Do You Manifest Effortlessly

The Principle of Synchronicity: Synchronicity occurs whenever circumstances unfold in a way to beautifully complement and assist one another, creating an end result that perhaps exceeds one's expectation. When one is in harmony with the Divine current of their lives, synchronistic events occur naturally. They give confirmation that one is on the right track, as they assist in manifesting results more effortlessly.

Synchronistic events occur less often when one lives in the state of resistance. Living in the state of resistance means trying to hold back the current of one's life.

Trying, for example, to suppress an intuitive hunch within that is striving to lead one in a particular way. This effort can't succeed, since the current is actually irresistible. But it can bring one to exhaustion. One's human will is unable to stop universal will. Living within the state of resistance can only make frustration grow.

Instead, let these precepts point you toward creating more synchronicity within your life: Live in harmony within the Divine current of your life. Declare that you welcome synchronistic events occurring in your life. Stay unattached to their arrival. Let them come, just as you let a river flow rather than pushing the water.

If you have committed to living in harmony with your purpose, and yet synchronistic events don't eventually occur, then simply make modifications to your internal journey.

For example, ask yourself: Have I drifted away from the energy of trust to the energy of doubt? Have I been looking for approval from others? Am I truly living by The Principle of the Score Keeper?
A synchronistic event may take you in a certain direction that doesn't yet make any sense to you intellectually. But such an event may indeed be the beginning of a series of events, an orchestration of circumstances, which will eventually make both intuitive and intellectual sense.

The Principle of Synchronicity says that meaningful coincidences occur once a level of commitment has been made, and an individual has decided to follow through with their commitment to live passionately and enthusiastically, offering a service to others. The stronger the commitment, the more dedicated the follow through, the greater will be the number and consistency of synchronistic events.

When a synchronistic event occurs, it is vital that you do not look at it from the point view of "I can't believe this. This is too amazing.

Could this really happen?" Regard the synchronicity as wonderful, but wholly believable ? a plausible happening in the life of a person who strives to be in harmony with the Divine current of their life. To achieve such a state of harmony, and to keep synchronicities flowing, follow these guides:

Be open to receiving.
Have abundant gratitude.
Take no ego credit for what has manifested.
Continue to move forward on your journey.

Your intuition is often what leads you in the direction of synchronicity. Therefore, doubting and not following through on your intuition decreases the number and quality of synchronous events in your life.

However, if you allow your intuition to become your intention, and then can take action while remaining detached from the results ? great results will come! You may not know what they're going to be, but when they arrive, you will definitely recognize them as being what your heart wanted. Once you set intention, act, and detach along the way, the sparkles of synchronicity may start enhancing the speed at which the people, circumstances, and events manifest that bring about wisdom, assistance, and guidance along the way (or any combination of the above, selected by the Universe).
Your job is simply to step into the depth of the purpose to which you are born.

You are going to fulfill that purpose somehow. Right now, how you eventually do it is not really your concern. All you know is that you have committed. Trust the journey, and declare that you are open to synchronistic events occurring along the way, to assist you in ways that you may not yet understand. And, as you remain open to receiving, also remain deeply grateful for the process at every step along the way.

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