Are Kids on Wheels Safe in Public

Electric scooters are all the rage for kids and teens nowadays. Instead of the old foot-push kind, today's merchants sell motorized scooters that operate from batteries. This makes it very easy for a child to climb aboard his scooter and jet off down the street without letting parents know of his whereabouts.

Well-trained children might ask permission first, but anyone in the excitement of this new toy could very well drive off without a single thought of accountability. Even with a parent's permission, though, should kids be allowed to drive motor scooters in public? Numerous safety concerns come to mind, especially for kids under the age of about twelve. Here are some of the issues that parents ought to consider before getting their kids this electric transportation device: 1. Do drivers need a license? If so, this means the child needs to be of a certain age before hitting the streets on his scooter. Find out about local laws governing your neighborhood before getting your child an electric scooter.

Also find out something about your locale, because in some areas, the governing boundaries can change within a few blocks from city to town or village to county jurisdiction. 2. Don't let your child leave home alone. Insist that he take along a friend the same age, since there's safety in numbers. In fact, two or three friends might work even better.

With so many abductions taking place these days, it is not a good idea for kids to be out cruising the neighborhood on their own. Too many things can happen, whether it be an abduction, an accident, or a confrontation. Very young children should not leave the family property, and should be supervised at all times when playing outdoors. 3.

Get your children fingerprinted and make sure they carry identification. This could help in case they disappear, wander off, or get hurt, though hopefully none of those things will happen. Have the kids tell you where they will be playing and when they will return. Go over the instructions of what to do if the electric scooter runs out of power or has a flat tire.

4. Explain the safe use of the electric scooter. Tell your children why they shouldn't ride double or try to do tricks on the scooter.

Describe areas where they can ride it, and which places to avoid (like swampy areas or stone-crusted roads). Be sure they know how to operate the scooter completely before taking it out on the sidewalk. 5. Give them a cell phone or change for a public telephone.

In case of emergency, they need to be able to reach you. Make sure they know the number to call in case you will be gone for awhile, even if it's just next door to visit with a neighbor. Electric scooters are fun to ride, but they do provide kids with more opportunities to drive out in public thoroughfares and away from parents' watchful eyes.

Follow suggestions like these to protect your children when they climb on wheels and head down the road.

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