Negative Emotions Have Value - I naturally go to the negative in any situation.

What An Unlikely Three Time Olympian Can Teach Us About The Power Of Belief - "In life you don't get what you want.

Pay Yourself First from Your Salary for Teaching - Teachers can learn the secret to building a second retirement income or how to teach the secret to others.

Leave the Thinking to the Horses They Have Much Bigger Heads than You - The SBS/SAS and Navy SEAL Special Forces Training courses are designed to physically and mentally test the Trainee and how he thinks to the absolute limit.

Learning How To Move On - Leave your failures behind but be sure to take the learnings with you.

Do You Deserve Success - Do you truly believe you deserve success, happiness, peace and joy in your life? Work through these steps to claim success to help yourself and others.

Now Is The Time To Find Your Success - Why wait for tomorrow? Now is the time to find your success in life.

How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs - All of us tend to generalize about life in general, others, and ourselves.

Present Thinking - A look at the power of thought and how we can be a victim to our thoughts OR master of them.

The REAL Reason You Have Fear - "What's the REAL reason we have fear?" Why? Because I've been having more fear than usual.

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