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From an early age children are fascinated by colors, crafts and designs. Many people believe this fascination is attributed to the bright colors, and interesting textures. But the truth is that children are actually learning a lot more than meets the eye.

Psychologists believe that play activities like coloring, crafts, painting, dancing, singing etc. all contribute to the development of a child. No matter what part of the world a child is from it always has an inherent capacity to explore it's surroundings and play with other children.

While playing with other children, a child is learning essential communications skills that help him throughout his life. Skills like talking, interacting with other people are all rooted in the social activities that a child experiences when he interacts with other children. The important thing that a child learns subconsciously is that not all experiences in life are pleasurable, and play activities are essential in the building up of a child's problem solving skills and also his social interaction skills. There is a unanimous consensus that children that do not interact with other children usually do grow up to have interaction and social problems, and more often than not turn out to be reserved and introverts as adults. Apart from playing with other children, hobbies like painting actually help an adult gain valuable insight into the way a child thinks and perceives the world around. In fact, it is not uncommon for psychiatrists to examine a child's sketches or paintings to gain valuable insight into the way a child is thinking.

Crafts too play an important role in the development of children, shapes and sizes are first introduced to children in the form of crafts, and children understand the physical limitations of the world they live in when they try constructing various designs and patterns. Even before the development of advanced learning aids and other similar educational techniques children have been introduced to textures and shapes via wooden figures, and clay models. The objective of play activities in a nutshell is to help children recognise the importance of shapes, colors in the world, and also to gain valuable insight into the development of a child. Many schools and playgroups ensure that children are exposed to a myriad of activities so they can explore the world around them without leaving the safe confines of their homes or schools. While interacting with other children a child also learns the importance of self expression, and also learns the variety of emotions that we humans are capable of exhibiting. In conclusion children that are deprived from play time activities like games, coloring, painting, crafts etc.

may not have the same advantage that a child that has been 'let free' and has been given the opportunity to interact with other children. The same holds good for children that have been allowed to explore the living world around them and most importantly have been given the chance to better understand the restrictions and limitations of the world we live in. For the normal development of any child play time activities and playing with other children of the same age group is very important.

The role of coloring pages in a child's development When it comes to introducing children to the concept of rules and limitations, coloring pages are perhaps the best way to introduce these concepts to children in a fun way. By associating green with trees and brown with earth, children are in fact introduced to the essentials of set norms and rules. In fact most children automatically begin coloring correctly once they comprehend the concept of how a coloring page works. In addition by ensuring that children color within the lines, from an early age children begin to learn the importance of diligence.

Also coloring pages increase a child's concentration and creative skills. The best part is that sites like have so many coloring pages available online that a child can never run out of coloring pages.

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