A Corporate Dad Chooses Family Over Career

What a miserable life I use to lead. I was a successful executive with a fortune 500 company. I earned over six figures a year. I had stock options, preferred stock and any other "golden handcuffs" corporate America gives its slaves to keep them loyal. We were a two car family and had a beautiful home in an affluent neighborhood. I can hear you right now saying, "Give me some of that misery!" What I failed to mention thus far was the hollow feeling I had every time my oldest daughter would ask me if tomorrow was Saturday.

She asked me that question every night I put her to bed because Saturday was the only day of the week we would have fun as a family. Monday through Friday I would be at my desk in downtown Cincinnati by 6am, then wait until traffic died down on the interstates after 6pm so I would have less of a commute. I won't even go into the ridiculousness you engage in as an employee of an organization. It doesn't matter of your title is CEO or mail room clerk; you have to pretend like you enjoy being paid what the position is worth, not what you're worth. You also have to pretend like you don't miss your family for the 50 or so hours a week (not counting commuting time) you are away from them. The majority of men would never admit that they'd rather be playing Barbie's with their little girls than being at work.

That is until their little girl is walking down the aisle at graduation and the same macho man turns into a puddle second-guessing every time his little girl called him at the office to come home and he said "just got called into a meeting honey, I'm sorry." Fortunately I figured it out earlier than most and left the money and "stuff" behind. I stepped out in faith an started a home business. Now I will never have to worry about being on death's door regretting each of the past 40 years that I was not there for my wife and three daughters. If you're in corporate America and think you have it made because the boss just promoted you or sent you a glowing email.

Remember something very important-life is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one shot. When you're on your death bed you won't be calling for the ribbons and plaques, you'll be asking for your family. No matter how many times you get promoted the view never changes - you're always looking up at a big 'ol butt and you don't get to choose your boss. I gave up security for freedom. The most secure people in the world are prison inmates.

They get three meals a day, a little spending money and a roof over their head. The only problem is they have to surrender their freedom, sound familiar? You have a choice. Forty years of working for someone else building their dream, or 2-5 years of building your dream and a lifetime of freedom.

Sam Crowley is a best-selling co-author and motivational speaker. You can see Sam's home business at www.collect7keveryday.com. Sam's mission is to create ten millionaires in the next five years

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