Quality time is family-focused time

It's summertime and life is footloose and fancy-free. The children are out of school, the weather is sunny and bright, and your home and neighborhood stand ready to embrace activity.

The porch is poised for parties, the backyard is braced for barbecues and the family car is ready to cruise down the highway on those car trips in search of summer outings and family fun. This season is all about experiences that you and your family can share, including a variety of community- and church-related activities.

Members of entire families continue to indicate that it's easy to spend quality time with family when you have the Procter & Gamble family of brands helping to make life easy, clean and convenient.

For years, brands such as Tide[R], Bounce[R] and Downy[R] have guided African-American families through summer experiences. Whether you and your family are involved in a holiday cookout, a neighborhood block party, miniature golf, arts festivals or outdoor sports events, these brands are sure to make summer life run smoothly.

For instance, Tide has been at the center of summertime fun for years. Why? Because it's the trusted brand that your grandmother and mother used to clean up after all that outdoor summer fun. That tradition has continued from generation to generation of African-Americans who rely on a variety of brands from the P&G family.

What are some of the first thoughts that come to mind when you think about summertime? What about barbecues, picnics and games, including baseball and soccer? And you know that it's impossible to enjoy those activities to the fullest when you're worried about staining your clothes.

That's why Tide and other P&G brands are there--and have always been there--to clean up after all the outdoor fun, whether the stain is from your uncle's supersecret barbecue sauce or from your daughter's dirty athletic uniform. Tide with a Touch of Downy[R] offers a little extra. It's one brand that gets rid of the stains and leaves your clothes wonderfully soft and fresh.

Downy Simple Pleasures[R], with naturally inspired scents that are reminiscent of a summer trip to a cool lake, is formulated with essential oils to give your clothes a freshness every day. Make your quality time with your family relaxing and enjoy the wonderful scents, like Vanilla & Lavender, of Downy Simple Pleasures.

When making those family-oriented summer plans, how about creating some lasting memories at the beach and water park? Additionally, what would summer be without a trip to the museum or an African art festival? Or how about enjoying a movie night at home with your family? In each case, the smell and feel of your freshly laundered clothes can accentuate those special, memorable moments. That's where Downy Simple Pleasures can play a significant role.

While many families focus on summer activities away from home, sometimes there is no place like home for summertime fun. For example, you can arrange theme parties, turning your home into a salute to the "Stars and Stripes" for Independence Day. Choose three or four fun events so that the children can display their skills by competing in a day of games during the annual celebration. These and other events are sure to be remembered for years to come.

And during your summertime activities, don't forget about a dependable brand such as Bounce, which has been helping to keep your clothes fresh and wearable for more than 30 years. Bounce Outdoor Fresh Scent[R] brings the outdoors into your home all year long. It's a quick and easy way to add pleasing freshness and softness to your clothes.

Bounce is also a great way to prepare your home for family celebrations. Freshen your entire house with a few simple steps: Put a sheet under the sofa cushions for a burst of freshness throughout the room; put a sheet in bathroom and kitchen wastebaskets to tackle tough odors; and tuck a sheet into dried flower arrangements for an extra burst of freshness.

In addition to the freshness of Bounce, beginning in August, you can give your laundry the fresh scent of Febreze[R] with Febreze Fresh Scent[R].

Summertime is the perfect time of the year for families to get together and enjoy some quality time and create some memorable moments. And with the Procter & Gamble family of brands--including Tide, Downy and Bounce--your family and your home can always be prepared for those memorable summertime activities.